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Johnny Thompson

I took the 2x Productivity course about a month ago and to say that this course doubled my productivity after taking it would be an understatement. 

Before I took this course, I had a deadline for a big project fast approaching, and looking at the list of things I still had to do made me unsure if I'd complete it on time. 

While taking the course, I took detailed notes on everything then immediately put what I learned into action. 

The next day, I easily had the most productive day in months. Not only did I complete what I needed to for the day to stay on track, but the quality of my work was very high, meaning I wouldn't need to go back later to fix anything. 

Mani designed his productivity system so that it would be easy to keep up for a long time. I've had no problem using this system every day and I was able to finish my project on time, thankfully!
 Considering the relatively small amount of time and money I spent on this course, and that what I learned will benefit me for years to come as I continue to implement this system, this course provides an incredible amount of value. These are the kinds of things that should be taught in school. Thank you Mani!
-Johnny Thompson

Sreedhar Chouty
Tech Lead, Virtify Inc

I have a total 12+ yrs of experience in Software development and read many self-help books and lifestyle articles so far. I was having kind of doubt if this course would really change my situation any better. 

I was working for about 14-15 hrs a day for more than a year and thought for a few days and my brain is telling me this "There are so many tasks I need to work on. So every task will take at least some minimum time. 

If I calculate, to finish all the work, it will take me 14-15 hrs to complete. How is it possible that this course would cut down that time by half or more? It is impossible!"

Finally I decided this, "Ok. I know this doesn't work. There is no risk in trying because there is a 180 day money back guarantee. I will anyway end up asking for a refund". With this in mind, I purchased.

I completed the course in one hour and started my week. I couldn't believe it. But it started working like magic that I felt a sense of achieving my goals every day without missing them. 

My sleep has improved. With proper planning and schedule, it really worked for which I had no faith before purchasing. I am closing my day by 7 PM now versus it was 1-2 AM midnight previously. It truly nearly doubled my productivity.

Mani, I owe you so much for helping and improving my life.

- Sreedhar Chouty

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Swen Woltmann

Your course is amazing! It's the best and most actionable productivity training I have ever done.

You can really take the "tomorrow" in the title literally. I actually increased my productivity a lot just ONE DAY after I bought the course.

Right at the end of the first day, I felt better, didn't have the urge to work in the evening and could enjoy the time with my family instead.

Thanks a lot + best wishes


Whitley Blaine
Web Developer

Dude .. you are amazing! 

I purchased the 'double your productivity by 5pm tomorrow' course. I'm already commended a lot at work as a Web Developer for my productivity. 

But I watched your whole course last night and did everything you recommended. I'm quite certain i did double my productivity, I got all three of my goals done before my End Time!!!!

Thank you so much!!!


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